WI vs IND : Joshua reveals How Kohli made his mother’s day & year


During WI vs Ind test series, a unique incident took place when WI’s wicket-keeper batsman, Joshua’s Mother had great and unforgettable moment with none other than Kohli. She was on cloud nine after meeting Virat Kohli and her expression clearly reflects the same. It’s not everyday we get to witness such wonderful moments in cricket especially from opponents’ families sides. Joshua Da Silva, the wicketkeeper for the West Indies, recalled the day when his mother met Virat Kohli, the best batter in India. He said that it was his kind of goal and that the terrific hitter had made her day and year.

Joshua Da Silva made clear how much of a fan Virat Kohli is during Day 1 of the ongoing second Test as the Indian batsman was at the plate. He was also seen suggesting on the stump microphone that his mother should visit him rather than his kid.

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Joshua Da Silva’s mother, who met Virat Kohli in a sincere gesture, became quite emotional upon seeing him and even kissed him. A video of their meeting went viral online when she stated that the Indian batter is much like her kid.

Joshua Da Silva mentioned a special meeting before Day 3 began during WI vs IND. He said that a few days prior, his mother had informed him that she would attend the game to watch Virat Kohli. Additionally, he noted how the Indian batsman had exited the team van to meet her.

Glimpse of Kohli’s interaction with Josh’s mother

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Josh’s Words

Josh on his mother’s interaction with Kohli:

“Yeah, my mom told me before day one, actually a few days before the test match that she’s coming to see Virat Kohli and not me. So it’s kind of funny. I kind of knew it might be my goal a little bit.

He was on the bus and my mom was like look it’s Virat. So I went and knocked on the window and he came out and met my mother. Made her day, made her year probably.”

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