ICC WTC Final 2023 Scorecard

WTC Final 2023 | Australia became Champion in WTC
Australia won WTC Final 2023

As Australia claimed their first World Test Championship championship with a crushing 209-run victory on the fifth day of the summit match at the Oval on Sunday, India’s dismal performance in ICC competitions continued. After losing to New Zealand in the first WTC finals in 2021, this was India’s second defeat in as many championships. India began the day at 164 for 3 while attempting to chase down the implausible mark of 444, but quickly lost batting stalwart Virat Kohli (49), followed by Ravindra Jadeja (0) and Ajinkya Rahane (43) to be dismissed for 234 in 63.3 overs.

Australia 1st Innings

D Warnerc KS Bharat b S Thakur43608071.67
U Khawajac KS Bharat b Siraj010000.00
Labuschagneb Shami26623041.94
S Smithb Thakur12126819045.15
T Headc KS Bharat b Siraj16317425193.68
C Greenc S Gill b Shami671085.71
Carey (wk)lbw b Jadeja48697169.57
Mitchell Starcrun out (sub) Axar5200025.00
Cummins (c)c Rahane b Siraj9340026.47
N Lyonb Siraj9251036.00
Bolandnot out170014.29
Extras(b 13, lb 10, w 8, nb 7)38
Total121.3 overs469/10
Fall Of Wickets2/1 (Khawaja, 3.4), 71/2 (Warner, 21.4), 76/3 (Labuschagne, 24.1)361/4 (Head, 91.1), 376/5 (Green, 94.2)
387/6 (Smith, 98.1), 402/7 (Starc, 103.5)453/8 (Alex Carey, 114.4), 468/9 (Lyon, 119.5), 469/10 (Cummins, 121.3)

India Bowling

S Thakur234832043.60
R Jadeja182561003.11

India 1st Innings

R Sharma (c)lbw b Cummins15262057.69
S Gillb Boland13152086.66
C Pujarab Green14252056.00
V Kohlic Smith b Starc14312045.16
A Rahanec Green b Cummins8912911168.99
R Jadejac Smith b Lyon48517194.11
KS Bharat (wk)b boland5150033.33
Shardul Thakurc Carey b Green511096046.78
Umesh Yadavb Cummins5111045.45
Md. Shamic Carey b Starc131120118.18
Md. Sirajnot out03000.00
Extras(lb 10, b 10, nb 8, w 1)29
Total69.4 overs296/10
Fall Of Wickets30/1 (Rohit, 5.6), 30/2 (Gill, 6.4), 50/3 (Pujara, 13.5)71/4 (Kohli, 18.2), 142/5 (Jadeja, 34.3)
152/6 (KS Bharat, 38.2), 261/7 (Rahane, 61.6), 271/8 (Umesh, 65.5)294/9 (Thakur, 68.3), 296/10 (Shami, 69.4)

Australia Bowling


Australia 2nd Innings

U Khawajac KS Bharat b Umesh13392033.33
D Warnerc KS Bharat b Siraj180012.50
Labuschagnec Pujara b Umesh411264032.54
S Smithc Thakur b R Jadeja34473072.34
T Headc & b R Jadeja18270266.67
C Greenb R Jadeja25954026.31
Carey (wk)not out661058062.85
Mitchell Starcc Kohli b Shami41577071.92
Cummins (c)c (sub)Axar b Shami5510100.00
Extras(lb 9, b 9, w 6, nb 2)26
Total84.3 Overs270/8 d
Didn’t BatN Lyon, S Boland
Fall Of Wickets2/1 (Warner, 3.3), 24/2 (Khawaja, 14.1), 86/3 (Smith, 30.1)111/4 (Head, 36.3)
124/5 (Labuschagne, 46.4), 167/6 (Green, 62.6)260/7 (Starc, 82.6), 270/8 (Cummins, 84.3)

India Bowling

S Thakur81210002.60
Umesh 171542003.17
R Jadeja234583002.52

India 2nd Innings

R Sharma (c)lbw b Lyon43607171.67
S Gillc Green b Boland18192094.74
C Pujarac Carey b Cummins27475057.44
V Kohlic Smith b Boland49787062.82
A Rahanec Carey b Starc461087042.59
R Jadejac Carey b Boland02000.00
KS Bharat (wk)c & b Lyon23412056.09
Shardul Thakurlbw b Lyon05000.00
Umesh Yadavc Carey b Starc112008.33
Md. Shaminot out13830162.50
Md. Sirajc Boland b Lyon160016.66
Extras(w 6, nb 5, lb 2)13
Total63.3 Overs234/10
Fall Of Wickets41/1 (Gill, 7.1), 92/2 (Rohit, 19.5), 93/3 (Pujara, 20.4)179/4 (Kohli, 46.3), 179/5 (Jadeja, 46.5)
212/6 (Rahane, 56.2), 213/7 (Shardul, 57.4)220/8 (Umesh, 60.2), 224/9 (S Bharat, 61.5), 234/10 (Siraj, 63.3)

Australia Bowling


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